Patsy Taylor
       Fine Art and Portraiture           
       Chapel Hill, NC.

  Patsy Taylor is an artist taught in the traditional school of fine art and portraiture. She received her Bachelor’s degree in painting from Rhodes College and a Master’s degree from the University of Memphis.
   At Rhodes she studied with Henry Madden, a protege of Henry Hensche. Continuing on to the Memphis College of Art she studied with Nelson Shanks, perhaps the foremost living American portrait painter. She has also studied with Shanks at his Studio Incamminati, Philadelphia. Patsy has studied pastel painting with Daniel Greene.
   At the Memphis College of Art, she also studied with Townshend Wolff, Burton Callicutt, and Ted Faiers. While obtaining her Master’s degree from the University of Memphis, she studied with Charles Algood, Dick Knowles,painters and Harris Sorrelle, bronze casting sculptor.  She has studied watercolor with Joan Rudman, AWS, Karen O’Malley, NWWS,  Colleen Newport Stevens  NWWS, and Williams Hewson, NWWS. 

PATRICIA TAYLOR   Watercolor Artist
Member of the Portrait Society of America
Member of the North Carolina Watercolor Society
Member of the American Watercolor Society sustaining, associate
Member of Mensa